Working in Search Engine Optimization or Digital Advertising forces you to accomplish tasks quickly. Either everything is an emergency or you just need to find a way to be more efficient because there’s so much to accomplish. In my experience, Chrome extensions have been one of the easiest ways to […]

Useful Chrome extensions for SEO and Adwords tracking

When I work on E-commerce projects to identify methods to increase conversion I always start with a structured analysis of current effectiveness of customer journeys using Google Analytics to help identify potential improvements to site page templates to test. Segments are powerful since they help you isolate and compare different […]

Ten different ways to segment your eshop traffic in Google ...

After going through some essentials (neglect of which always impedes conversion) I suggested 10 practical tips to help merchants increase their affiliate traffic’s conversion. Here they are: 1. Avoid Leaks: Ensure that the landing pages to which your affiliate-referred traffic arrives are free of uncomissionable routes the end user may […]

Ten tips to increase your Affiliate Marketing traffic and sales

Conversion Rate Optimization is one of the most powerful levers for driving online business growth. The Conversion Rate Optimization process includes quantitative and qualitative data and testing with a scientific approach. As Peep Laja mentions, “[CRO] tools aren’t as important as knowing what to do with them. Putting a scalpel […]

The best tools for Conversion Rate Optimization

… Sun Tzu, in his infamous ‘Art of War’, seems to be totally neglecting, a critical factor. The team. So, this is a small statement to settle things straight… (at least, to my team, that ‘fought’ so well to deliver more than promised) *(On the left side, the award for […]

The real value of awards